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Wobbe Index, BTU, Colorimeters

The WIM COMPAS series is the latest addition to the Hobre Instruments portfolio of process analyzers for Wobbe Index, Heating Value/BTU and Combustion Air Requirement Index. Offering unmatched reliability, speed of response, accuracy and supported by profound application knowledge the WIM COMPASS is the best choice for measuring gas combustion parameters.

The gas you use or deliver has to meet contractual specifications. In many refineries and petrochemical plants, furnaces, turbines and boilers can be exposed to frequent and sudden changes in the fuel gas composition. These changes will immediately affect the operating stability of your combustion process and can cause unwanted emissions.

Wobbe Index

Typical Applications:
  • Natural Gas Blending & Storage applications
  • Steel Industry: Blast Furnace Gas, Coke Oven Gas or Mix Gas
  • Gas Turbine Control applications
  • Bio Industry: Enrichment to grid quality, micro turbines, landfill applications
  • Flare Gas & Sour Gas Monitoring
  • Air/Fuel Ratio for combustion application

WIM COMPASS is available in Basic & F version. To download CLICK HERE