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Flow Impact Probe for natural gas and LPG analysis

Gas producing companies working with analyser sampling systems in Natural Gas processes are faced with a number of common problems. These include excessive time lags between sample probe inlet and analyser due to the volume of probe, block and bleed valves and sample lines and secondly, liquid carry-over problems.

These problems result in excessive response times, downtime and increased maintenance due to the liquid carry-over, and when flow rates are increased to reduce the response times, incomplete vaporization in the pressure regulators leading to loss of heavier components in the analysis.

To overcome the above problems Hobré Instruments has developed a Flow Impact Probe concept with a close coupled pressure reduction system. In this system the gas velocity in the process pipeline is used to drive a fast-loop through the probe, block valves and pressure reduction system inlet filter.

The proven benefits to the gas producers are:

  • Improved response time with lower sample flow to flare.
  • No loss of heavy hydrocarbons with single stage heated pressure reduction.
  • No liquid carry-over problem and therefore less down time
  • Reduced maintenance on the sampling systems and analysers.

The return pipe, in combination with the fast loop bypass filter, protects the inlet tube against entry of liquids.

To download brochure for Flow Impact Probe CLICK HERE

Multi Phobic Membrane Filters

As analyzer specialists can testify filters typically are either hydrophobic or resistant to oil. This causes problems when liquid carry over in gas sample streams can consist of both water and hydrocarbons, possibly at the same time! After extensive research and field testing Hobre Instruments introduces the MP (Multi Phobic) series gas filter membranes. When properly applied these filters protect gas analyzers from any liquid and particle carry over in demanding applications.

Hobré model CF filter housing is compact and suitable for smaller bypass and sample to analyzer streams. Bypass and sample line connections are all in the housing of the body, therefore exchange of the membrane requires no tools or disconnection of sample lines: only the threaded cap needs to be removed.

Hobré model C1 filter housing is suitable for sample streams which require (small) particle removal as well entrained liquid retention. The sample bypass stream is forced in a circular movement sweeping any particles from the membrane surface and taking them out to the bypass sample stream return/disposal point.

HLSS Seperator

Image: Multi Phobic Membrane Filters

HLSS Seperator

HLSS separator for process streams

The solution for contamination problems in fuel for combustion engines.

The Hobré Instruments HLSS separator provides a maintenance free solution for highly diverse applications for removal of water, sediment and many other contaminants from process streams like fuel or other hydrocarbons. The separator removes the major part of contaminants, which results in considerable lower maintenance.

The separator works by using centrifugal force to separate the particles and water droplets from the hydrocarbon stream. The liquid enters the centre tube, which has a spiral mounted inside. The spiral causes the liquid to rotate when it enters the lower section of the separator. Due to the weight difference, the particles and water are removed by the slip stream and returned to process. The remainder of the sample goes to the top of the separator, where a further separation is done in the relative large volume. Water can be tapped off on the side of the separator. For a further removal of water, an additional coalescer or Teflon filter is recommended.

HLSS Seperator

Image: HLSS separator