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Corporate Office:
302,304 Jai Estate,Opp Fire Station
MIDC Phase-I, Dombivli(E),
Phone: +91-251-2976720/21

Email: sales@instrumech.co.in

Url: www.instrumech.co.in

HILASE System for concentration measurement in Natural Gas & Industrial Gas

The Hilase is a reliable and virtually maintenance free Process Analyzer for the measurement of H2S, H2O, CO2, CH4, C2H6, Methanol/Ethanol, COS, Ammonia, etc in a range from low ppm to high % levels.

A combination of features not available with any other technology makes the Hilase is a big step forward. No moving parts, no costly parts subject to wear, full separation of photo acoustic measuring cell and electronics, heated cell option, multi-stream analysis, fast 20 seconds response time, stable calibration, more than 90% self diagnostics, robust design, easy installation, a 6 months maintenance interval, ATEX zone 1 certification and >99,8% availability.

Typical applications:

  • H2S monitoring before and after scavenger dosing
  • H2S in Crude Oil
  • H2S head space of storage tanks
  • H2S and H2O in Natural Gases and LPG's
  • H2S and CO2 (amine) absorbers
  • H2S in production and test separators
  • H2S in Refinery fuel and flare gases
  • H2O and H2S in recycle gas
  • Methanol breakthrough in natural gas separators

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Image: HILASE System

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