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Metorex C100 Online EDXRF Element Analyser

The C100 is based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology which is well known as an element measurement technique. EDXRF measures the characteristic X-rays generated by the atoms in the sample. The measurement has the following inherent advantages:

  • The measurement is integral over the time of the entire measurement not instantaneous at the beginning of the measurement.
  • No oxygen is required. C100 requires only inert purge gas for explosion proof operation.
  • No high temperature components are required for operation.
  • The measuring head contains a leak detector, which will cause an instantaneous alarm in the case of cell leaks.
  • Alarm inputs and outputs, which allow complete shutdown of the system in case of emergency
  • No moving parts; very low maintenance required
  • With this technology C100 can measure any elements ranging from silicon (Z=14) to uranium (Z=92), from sub-ppm level to over 10%. Concentration range and accuracy are application dependent. Application support is available from Metorex and its partners at any time.

Sulphur Analysis

The Metorex C100-LSXT has been especially designed for Sulphur measurement in fuel and petrochemical products. Other techniques based on injection techniques and conversion methods to SO2 and H2S will not work when the final boiling point of the product exceeds 450 ÂșC. X-ray absorption techniques are not considered for the reason of matrix effects and because of safety aspects of the radioactive sources.

Additional advantages of this analyser are:
  • The X-ray source is an X-ray tube; therefore the radiation is stopped when the power is switched off.
  • Analysis is not influenced by product density variation or C/H ratio variations.
  • Internal referencing on solid reference material, resulting in reduction of drift of the electronics and reduction of the effect of changes in ambient temperature within the operation limits.
  • Optional heated sample cell for high viscosity products.

Crucial for a good analysis system is a sample conditioning system designed for the specific application. Hobre offers the possibility of design, production and start-up of a complete Sulphur analysis system, including sample recovery, calibration/validation and analyser cabinet/shelter.

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