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Oil in Water monitor for low-pressure applications

Argus Environment

Argus Environment monitors Oil in Water concentrations at water discharges to the environment, online and real time. Oil & Gas operators are able to comply with HS&E regulations and reduce OiW levels without the need for manual water sampling and laboratory analysis.

Key benefits of Argus Environment:

  • Enables replacement of manual sampling and laboratory analysis, eliminating / minimizing the costs associated with such activities.
  • Prevents significant oil discharges by means of immediate alarm when OiW levels exceed the defined limit.
  • Is easy to install, no complex and expensive bypass loop is required.
  • Is maintenance-free, compared to the high level of manual maintenance associated with traditional (bypass) OiW monitors.
  • Facilitates remote monitoring of OiW (offshore or onshore), fully integrated with industry standard control systems.

To download the Product Data sheet for Argus Environment CLICK HERE

Oil in Water monitor for high-pressure applications

Argus Process

Argus Process monitors Oil in Water concentrations at high pressure and/or temperature locations in the water treatment process, paving the way for new applications for online OiW monitors. Oil & Gas operators are able to manage the process with real time OiW data from single or multiple measurement points throughout the process, providing unique process control.

Key benefits of Argus Process:

  • Improves performance of produced water treatment systems.
  • Increases throughput where oil production is bottlenecked by the water treatment system.
  • Reduces operational costs (use of chemicals, maintenance, etc.).

To download the Product Data sheet for Argus Process CLICK HERE

Multipoint Oil in Water monitoring

The Argus technology design enables several in-line measurement probes to be connected to the same central control unit in multipoint Oil in Water monitoring system, resulting in significant cost reductions compared to using separate OiW monitors at each measurement point.

  • The control unit can be located in a hazardous area (handling maximum 4 measurement points) or a safe area (handling maximum 12 measurement points).
  • Maximum distance from each measurement probe to the control unit is 100 meters.
  • Both low-pressure and high-pressure measurement probes can be connected to the same control unit.
  • Only one communication link is needed to provide data from up to 12 measurement points.